Moderation Advice Label Printer

Moderation Advice Label Printer

Version 2.3.2

ModAdvice is a Microsoft Windows™ software application to manage advice to schools and to print comments onto adhesive labels for steadfast attachment to official QCAA moderation forms.

ModAdvice enables QCAA review panels to wordprocess Monitoring and Verification advice to Queensland senior secondary schools. The application will print three copies of the comments onto laser/inkjet adhesive labels to enable legible advice to be attached directly to the official QCAA moderation advice Forms R3 and R6.


  • Documentation:
    • UserManual.pdf (610 KB, 14-Sep-2014) - tutorial on the use of ModAdvice. A higher quality version is of this file suitable for printing is included in the installation package.
  • Installation packages - download and install one of the following:
  • Files- for manual installation, e.g. running from a USB stick (just unzip and run from the folder):
    • (8.67 MB, 14-Sep-2014) - the same files installed by installation packages above, in case you can't run the installer.


ModAdvice Monitoring example screenshot

ModAdvice Verification example screenshot